Wedding at Mansión Magnolia

Wedding at Mansión Magnolia


Transport your guests to an eclectic vintage ambience.


Select furniture combining trend and style.


Our chef creates unique dishes every season.

Open Bar

Drinks for every taste.


Receive your guests with a: Mojito, Margarita, Daiquirí, Mezcalito.


Choose the artist for your event.


Lighting, and high fidelity sound.

Garden setGift

The house garden will add a natural beauty to your ceremony.

Art Deco suiteGift

Private dressing room to recharge energy.


6 hour event

Three course menu

Wedding staff

Furniture options

Menu tasting

Valet Parking for 50 cars

Prices differ by date

Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I finish paying?

Is there more then one event per day?

How many hours catering includes?

What does the menu include?

Can I remove services?

Does it include flowers and decoration?